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If you have decided to create a new web site, or alter an existing one for optimisation purposes for the search engines, the first thing you should look at, even before the design and structure of your site is the keywords or key phrases that are most relevant and most used by your potential customers.


If your site is a brand new site, or not established in Google results with at least a minimum of six to twelve months history of consistent presence in the search engines, irrespective of results page ranking, don't expect to start ranking immediately for generic or semi generic search queries. Current search engine algorithms seem to give preference to more established sites compared to new ones for the high level queries. Realistically, it could take as long as two to three years to see any impact on top level keywords.


By this we don't mean do not optimise for the best keywords, on the contrary, try optimization for as many keyphrases as possible, just don't expect overnight results. What you have to consider is that everybody that is optimising in your business, is going for the high rate phrases, making it more competitive.


By correct research, and incorporating the 'low hanging fruit' (the less popular less competitive phrases), you could start seeing site visitors from natural results within five to seven days. For instance, if you are building surveyor, then while it would be good being number one for the search term 'surveyor', it is going to take ages to rank for it legally and ethically, so by looking at phrase criteria like 'property surveyor Manchester'.


Although this won't bring in huge volumes of traffic, page visits it will bring, and the chances are that this type of web site visitor, who is searching for exactly what they want, increases the chance of it converting to a sale. Besides this, there are that many different types of surveyors, from property, quantity, landscape and accident, would it really be worth all that hard work and effort to rank high for it, with it guaranteed to have a low sale conversion rate. Keyword review and research for relevant key phrases will bring in a more focussed site visitor, which is more likely to give you a higher conversion rate from site visitor to sale than appearing for the generic phrases.


Keyword suggestion tools and generators


As with anything and everything on the Internet, and Google's quest to index all the information ever, buy using good key phrase selection, you can search and find keywords tools that are good, bad and indifferent. Some are free, some cost a small amount, and some are just plain crazily expensive.


A good free place to start is 'Yahoo's Search marketing suggestion tool' (used to be Overture, the pay-per-click engine). Although it is free to use, due to its enormous popularity, it has a tendency to be either very slow, or just not load at all. Plus it isn't just search engine results it plots either. It also includes their affiliate partners who display the 'pay per click' advertisements, and doesn't seem to discount automated search requests by people checking their SERP (search engine ranking placement).

Our own keyword tool is far quicker and gives you the results for Overture country specific, as well as search results for other engines such as Yahoo (not including affiliate results), Lycos and Ask. Download now for just £10.00 (yes, that is ten English pounds or GBP).


A more complex, good generator is WordTracker, but it does come at a price. For a years subscription, you are looking at shelling out £140.00 (yes, that is one hundred and forty English pounds or GBP), or you rent it for a week for £14.00.


Our advice, as a beginner, buy ours. It will put you on the correct road and it is for life. We can also run a hand typed report of Google keywords, including search trends for keywords and alternative keywords for just £25.00


Lifetime keyword generator - £14.00

Google keyword report - £25.00


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