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Picture this. You have designed a web site and it has gone number one on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and Lycos for your chosen keywords. Times are good. Your site is phenomenally popular and you are averaging ten percent of sites visitors converting into a sale. You are in a position to employ staff to do the day to day running, sending out orders, replying to enquiries etcetera. Okay, a tenth of potential customers are buying, a good average, but what about are the other ninety percent? Where are they going? Are they going back to the search engines and clicking on the links below you? It is highly likely. Then, it comes to you; the big proverbial light bulb shines above your head. Make a second web site that will rank number two!


Simple, make changes to the aesthetics of the original web site, use the same content and link building and your guaranteed second placement. In a perfect world it would be that easy. Unfortunately, the boffins behind search algorithms are always one step ahead. You see, there is something called the 'duplicate content' rule. In their infinite wisdom, and in the sense of fair play, the search robots, or spiders are programmed to look for large amounts of text that are either identical, or very similar.

When they come across this scenario, then one or both sites will lose ground in the listings or results. This, although it sounds a bit harsh, is a fair way of making keyword results fair, plus offering the actual Internet surfer a more varied choice of web pages to choose from. Writing content for search engines is a full time vocation. There are very little short cuts, and you also have to consider, not only writing for ranking, but also for the actual page viewer.


Many seo experts will say around three hundred words is ample to appease the spiders. There is two words over that amount in the first paragraph on the page. We haven't really done that on purpose, it was more good judgement than planned, but also, it was not only written for search engine optimisation, but for viewer optimisation. Although it appears to be a lot, we have tried to keep informative and friendly with a flow to it, so you understand and do not get bored. We hope we succeeded, and if you are reading down to here, maybe we have.


Writing content for search engines


We have tried to optimise this site for the search query, 'content writing' and all its derivatives our ten quid keyword tool gave us, which you can buy for life here via your credit or debit card through PayPal. You may also notice, that there has been no over use of the buzzwords on the page. We have analysed the top sites that appear in results by using our keyword density checker below. We got, as a percentage, how often 'content writing for search engines' appears across them all, and found the average, which we have tried to incorporate into this page. You will often find that across all business sectors, the average density is usually less than five percent.


You may also notice, there is no over excessive use of any words throughout the page. We believe using as many different words as possible can only be beneficial for SERP.


So, to come up with this unique hand written copy, we spent roughly thirty minutes researching keywords, thirty minutes, doing a density check on the top sites, and over an hour planning the written word, before actually putting finger tips to keys.


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