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Phrase definition: It is a procedure, mainly using mathematical equations, to design or improve a web site or page to get the best placement in Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Lycos and other popular portals to increase visitors for chosen keywords or phrases with the sole object of increasing company or product awareness and/or sales.


Generally, webmaster guidelines tend to encompass very similar rules to keep your site clean and to minimise any chance of your site being 'blacklisted' from search engines. Whether your looking at having a go at do it yourself search engine optimization or are about to employ an seo specialist to improve your search engine ranking placement (SERP), it is advisable to familiarise yourself with the pointers below.


Although ethical firms do use unsolicited email campaigns to generate business, black hat firms also use this form of online marketing too. A good benchmark into the quality of the consultant that has contacted you is how much actual information they have provided in the first instance. Chances are, if the mail itself is chocked full of high quality information and examples, then a quick check on sites like can initially allay any fears of 'being burned', or 'throwing good money after bad'.


All popular search engines use a complicated mathematical equation to rank sites, be very wary of being told that they have a 'special relationship' with the engines themselves and offers 'the number one position guaranteed'. Googleplex, for instance, has that many different departments that even if a marketing consultancy did know someone working there, it is highly unlikely that this one person could influence the whole algorithm.


If you have already employed a developer to optimize your web site, talk to them regularly, making sure that they explain, or can explain what has changed on your site and why. If they are not forthright at coming forward with the information, they may be using underhanded techniques, that although may give the desired effect in the short term, could have an adverse effect in the long run and ultimately lead to your domain name or URL (uniform resource locator) being blacklisted from search engine indexes. Another reson to keep check is that some online advertising agencies sell you optimization, then outsource all the work, getting the layout of site design from one source, the content from another, and link building from another. Using developing countries, the can actually pick these services really cheaply. There should be no problems with the site design, but the copy, or content, tends to written by a non English person, and this is reflected in spelling and grammar. WE where even contacted by a so called leading 'SEO company' to run their link building campaigns. If they are 'so good' at what they do, why do they need to ask us to do this very important part of  'off page' optimisation for them.


Do not buy, nor download any software when offer browser keywords. If you are using 'Internet Explorer (the big blue 'E'), Firefox, Opera, or any widely recognised, safe browser, the download will change your browser. This is the only way they have of offering browser keywords. It is not possible to make this work in any other instance and the chances are you will need a highly skilled techie to uninstall the plug in.


Never let an optimiser link their site from yours, unless you have given permission. They are using you to increase their own link popularity, which detracts from your own link strategy.


It is possible to use 'pay-per-click' methods to get good search engine presence. These are text link adverts that appear on the search results. On Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN, and other leading portals, they should be clearly marked 'featured' or 'sponsored' results. These have nothing at all to do with search engine optimisation and depending on your industry can run very expensive.


If you have been given example listings of work they have done via search results pages, contact the company they have done work for. Ask the company if they are familiar with 'Google's spam reports' and if they have ever reported a site. This should give you an indication to the ethics of the firm you are considering.


We hope this information will help you make an informed choice when selecting a search engine optimisation company. Remember, if you have time, and no good SERP's at the moment, you can use our site as a reference to 'try it yourself'. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you achieve.


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